SEED: Visualscapes from the Future (2012-2013)     
Directed by Lissette Olivares & Cheto Castellano

SEED: Visualscapes from the future is an SF (speculative fiction, science fiction, science feminism) experimental transmedia project that envisions the near future through a non-traditional ethnographic gaze. In this SF worlding the directors posit themselves as ethnographers from the present who travel through timespace to explore a queer post apocalyptic society where water is scarce and planting seeds holds revolutionary potential.  Experimental video, performance, analog/digital music and sound, visual arts, illumination, graphic design, and animation are used to create an immersive experience where transmedia installation becomes the vehicle to activate audience imagination and consciousness.

Sample videos

Mix Queer Experimental Film Festival, NYC, November 2012
(screening of two scenes, work in progress)

Future Visions, Curated by Coral Short Angela Gabereau,
HTMiles 11 – Feminist Festival of Media Arts
Feminist Magic, Nuit Blanche, Montreal, Canada February, 2015

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