SEEDBANK: An EcoEvoDevo Design Fiction in the SF Mode
(2012 – Present)
(Design Fiction, Multispecies Architecture)

Conceptual Design by Lissette Olivares and Cheto Castellano
Architectural Drawings and Renderings by Cheto Castellano

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As speculative designers and architects Sin Kabeza proposes solutions that aim not to regulate boundaries, but rather, to encourage fusions, correlations, and unexpected entanglements. We aim to act as co-developmental, coevolutionary cultural symbionts, accelerating our capacity to adapt to quickly changing environmental changes and necessary shifts in consciousness paradigms. Sin Kabeza Productions is a transmedia platform invested in decolonizing anthropo&capitalcentric hierarchical rationality and its limits on our capacity to respond to the complex environmental and cultural challenges facing our contemporary world.  In this project we offer speculative solutions to the conflicted encounters between species in contemporary life. SEEDBANK is a speculative architectural site and experiment in design fiction that attempts to meet with bacteria as actants and as bio-semiotic tropological figures. Our interest in bacteria is inspired by Myra Hird’s investigation in The Origins of Sociable Life, where she emphasizes the microbial organism’s importance in the re-figuring of contemporary evolutionary theory.  For Hird, naturalcultural stories of bacteria help to shed light on “microontologies,” what she defines as “a way for humans to understand that they are enmeshed in a complex web of co-domestications,” where the symbiotic evolutionary stories of bacteria may help audiences to move beyond the premise of human exceptionalism, or the idea that humans beings are the most significant species. Following Hird, we extend the microbial organism’s importance in the rethinking of contemporary evolutionary theory to the realm of symbiotic co-evolution in knowledge production, which includes art and culture. Just as DNA is situated with the bacterium’s organism, so SEEDBANK becomes an archival site for the display and dissemination of posthumanistic research.

SEEDBANK Abstract (Click to download PDF).
SEEDBANK and the dream of response-able multispecies communities (Click to download PDF).

Presentation by Lissette Olivares & Cheto Castellano
Urban Ecologies Conference
Museum Sztuki
Lodz, Poland
Curated by Aleksandra Jach and Katarzyna Słoboda