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Edith and Colva Dogs
Bharat Studio Self Defense
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Carrie, The world most famous dancing dog.

The Artist Activist are Present (Español)

Open TV  (2013)
Directed by Lissette Olivares & Cheto Castellano   


Sin Kabeza’s approach encourages OPEN access coupled with critical pedagogy and experimental media production so that participants and audiences have a greater opportunity to envision and produce a decolonized television experience. The main goal of OPEN TV is to offer the tools necessary to begin changing the way TV is watched, imagined, and enacted by participants and audiences, as well as featuring their experimental production in exhibitionary platforms. We also hope to prove that you don’t need lots of money or equipment to make AMAZING ACTIVIST TV.

The project begins with a few lights, a TV, and green screen, located on the street, in a studio space, or hosting institution. This ‘recording studio’ becomes both a classroom and site for speculative fabulation. Sin Kabeza collective members conduct tailored workshops that encourage participants to deconstruct mainstream television, with an emphasis on critically interrogating the (i.e. class, race, gender) biases that are consistently projected on TV, enabling discussions about technologies of gender and sexuality, racial, ethnic, and class interpellations. The OPEN TV set is a site for projections, a recording studio and thinkact tank that enables body and brain storming alternatives to the televisual models we currently consume. We introduce participants to the “magic” of the green screen, to basic animation techniques, perform exercises that activate the body, watch samples of experimental videos, open space for discussion and assist participants in producing their own televised interventions, which we later edit and screen within the recording studio and/or hosting institution. All of these practices encourage conversation, collaboration, and innovation amongst participants and offer the opportunity of taking on a primary role in the production of an experimental activist arts project.

OPEN TV is well suited to arts and cultural venues interested in engaging local community participation. We encourage these institutions to give us time to create an in house recording studio, that doubles as an exhibition site where community participants can see their televised interventions on display.

For bookings of OPEN TV’s activist transmedia pedagogy contact:
Lissette Olivares


Sarai 09 Exhibition Process, Curated by Raqs Media Collective (2013)

Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon, India

DonauFestival, Curated by Gabrielle Cram (2013) Krems, Austria

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