Resurrecting the Nagas Subin Rai and the Shaman's Drum

Resurrecting Nagas:Technologies of Consciousness Teaser

Resurrecting Nagas: Technologies of Consciousness (TEASER)


Nagas, are recurrent in numerous indigenous spiritual traditions, and can be defined as nature spirits that are often figured as snakes. In the Himalayan Tantric tradition Nagas are affiliated with bodies of water and rain, and are venerated for their protection and fertility, but they can become malevolent when humans cause destruction to the environment, and said to play a role in natural disasters. When respected and venerated Nagas offer auspicious weather and protection for the communities who adore them. 

Our transmedia journey begins in Nepal, where Jhankris perform rituals that resurrect the Nagas as an integral part of their communication with the Earth. We begin with a salute to the five directions of the Earth (four cardinal directions plus the shaman in the center) and visit a Northeast mountain village, where Donaxing, a local healer, helps us to investigate how shamanism survives amongst the pressures of modernization and contemporary globalization. From the mountains we descend to Kathmandu where in the Center for Shamanistic Studies, Director Mohan Rai, and his son Subin Rai, talk to us about the role of technology in shamanism today.

This project aims to investigate the technologies of consciousness used to communicate with the Earth and Universe. Incorporating primary research and documentation that will be presented using transmedia technologies this project resurrects both the affect and magic of contemporary ecospiritual performances.