Aventuras Familiares (HD, 2011, color, sound, animation)
(Family Adventures)

Uncensored version (click here).
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Directed by Cheto Castellano
Co-Directed by Daniel Benavides & Lissette Olivares
Starring: Carola Jérez, Samuel Ibarra, Aida Vera, Domingo Santamaría


In the near future, at the threshold of a political transition that seeks to transform the state of Chile into a private entity, a non-traditional family begins their adventure.  Triggered by the discovery of a family secret, mother Trans (Carola Jérez), father Payaso (Samuel Ibarra) and porn-star wannabe daughter Hot (Aida Vera) begin a life-changing journey that takes them from the countryside to the apocalyptic urban center of Santiago, where they must battle against cyborgs controlled by the evil multinational Horsehead Corporation.  As the family joins an anarchist battle led by Segundo Malatesta (Antonio Becerro) and Rata (Domingo Santamaría) they must struggle to keep their family united while fighting for a better future.

*Please note that this experimental film has graphic scenes and adult content.  There is one scene of live sex that was filmed between two consenting adults. The actress who protagonizes this scene was paid double the salary of all other actors in the film and selected her on screen sex partner. Due to the ongoing challenges of Chile’s conservative national catholic regime, which places moral restraints on the expression of women’s right to sexual agency, and the sincere desire of the directors to respect the actress’ privacy and means to gainful employment, we have voluntarily censored this scene from the free viewing copy.  The uncensored version of Aventuras Familiares is only publically screened at reputable institutions.


World Premiere, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, NYU (2011)
Columbia University, Undergraduate Scholars Program, NY (2011)
Thailand Premiere, Chiang Mai University, Media Arts & Design Space for Innovative Thinking, (2011)
Mix 24 Queer Experimental Film Festival NY; NOISE: Trans‐Subversions in Global Media Networks, Curated by Jian Chen, (2011)
Chilean Premiere, Cine Arte Alameda, Santiago de Chile, (2012)
Berlin Premiere, BPFF, Berlin, Germany (2012)
Kino Movimento, National Short Film Day in Germany (2012)
Donau Festival, Krems, Austria (2013)
Brazil Premiere, PopPorn Film Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2013)

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