Experimental Transmedia Projects

Sin Kabeza was co-founded, and is co-directed by Lissette Olivares and Cheto Castellano.

Sin Kabeza Productions is a collective of activist artists dedicated to the creation and dissemination of experimental transmedia. Our current research is inspired by posthumanistic approaches to species intra-action, with an emphasis on feminist and postcolonial epistemologies.

Using a transnational collaborative platform we have developed numerous projects that seriously engage digital cinematic production, postproduction, and distribution. We work across multiple genres, including experimental documentary, fiction, non-narrative, and hybrid productions. We are especially interested in exploring the interface between digital visualizing technologies and the live body, and we often work with simultaneous transmissions (projection, television, performance, installation). Our investment in transmedia storytelling allows us to envision the dissemination of our work across diverse media platforms that include performance, architectural design, multimedia installation, exhibition design, web interfaces, digital archives, and printed matter. One of the greatest challenges in our work is to produce high quality but low budget special effects, using green screen, 2d and 3d animation and graphic design as a way of both citing, appropriating, and critiquing mainstream cinema’s technoindustrial methodologies.

Some of the activists and institutions we have collaborated with (or are in process of collaborating with): dOCUMENTA(13) (Germany), Donau Festival (Austria), Museum Sztuki (Poland), Institute for Cultural Inquiry-Berlin, Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics (NYU), Mix Queer Experimental Film Festival (NY), Sarai Exhibition Reader, Devi Art Foundation (India), A Blade of Grass Foundation (NY), Columbia University Undergraduate Scholars Program (NY), Mitch Joaquim-Terreform One (NYC), Jian Chen (NYC), Raqs Media Collective (India), Atom Cianfanari (Canada), Regina José Galindo (Guatemala), Marissa Niño (Chile), Ladi Sasha Jones (NYC), Elena Tejada Herrera (Peru), Esteban Cancino (Chile), Marco Pizarro (Chile), DRIK Magazine (Mexico), Vozal de Perra (Spain), Immigrant Movement International & Tania Bruguera (NY) DRIK Magazine (Mexico).